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Transitional Bridge Loan ™

Our unique funding tool would allow your client to buy Now without rushing to sell first! This could mean two sales for you, and a very happy client.

How It Helps

Buy BEFORE they sell!

Allows them to make “cash-like” offers on their next home

0 prepayment penalties or minimum interest

No need to move twice.

Rehab an empty house & stage to sell

Your client can pay back the bride loan or refinance once you sell their current home

Easier qualification than banks!

FAST close — as quick as 7–14 days

Your Buy Before You Sell Program

Read how we’ve helped so many California Homeowners bridge the gap between their home right now and the one they have their eyes on.
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Case studies

Case Study #1: Multiple Offers and No Current Employment


A successful CMO, was in between employment contracts, and was having a difficult time qualifying for a loan. She had her eyes on a home that had multiple offers, so she needed an edge.


Her Mortgage Banker and Realtor referred her to Pacific Private Money, and we were able to secure a $3.3M Bridge Loan and close in 21 days.

30 days later, having time to move out and stage, the client’s Mill Valley home sold for $100,000 over asking. And with her new employment contract in place, she was able to refinance into a traditional mortgage.

Case Study #2: Closing with Minutes to Spare


A young couple with a baby were in contract to buy a home in San Francisco , with several other buyers willing to be in back position. They were in the midst of selling their company, but because the sale wasn’t going to go through in time, they weren’t going to have their down payment to close. With 3 days until closing, their Realtor contacted Pacific Private Money.


Within 24 hours, Pacific Private Money approved a $1.5M Short Term Loan, sent the documents to the title company by the next day, and the clients signed 2 days later with 10 minutes to spare. That’s a 3 day close! When you refer clients to Pacific, you could save your deal and be the superhero!

Case Study #3: Downsizing to a Retirement Upgrade


Liquidating hard-earned savings and investments to downsize was just not an option for a couple retiring to Florida. However, they still needed financing to move into that perfect, more manageable home.


The client, a prominent CPA, contacted Pacific Private Money. We were able to qualify the couple based primarily on the equity in their current home, not on employment or income. With the use of our Transitional Bridge Loan, they landed their perfect home in the Sunshine State. Upon selling their California home, they used the proceeds of the sale to refinance out of our loan into a conventional loan.

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