It might feel like we’re in “unprecedented times” both economically and socially, but if you ask 30-year investment professional Ken Winans, this is par for the course. Ken founded Winans Investment 30 years ago, and continues to run the investment firm today. He’s also a history buff, which gives him a unique insight into today’s inflationary and high interest-rate environment.

In this episode, Ken gives us both a macro-view of the economy AND a history lesson. To him, we’re in a similar climate to the ‘70s. The Federal Reserve acted the same in both decades — pumping liquidity into markets, which drove asset prices high. And in both eras, an external global issue stopped the economy in its tracks. First it was an oil crisis, and recently it was a health one.

It took several years for inflation to be tamed in the ‘70s and Ken believes we’re on a similar trajectory. But that doesn’t mean investment opportunities have dried up. In the episode, Ken dives into what assets will become the new market leaders — from real estate to sector stocks, and more.

As usual, the podcast is hosted by Chip Franklin and features our CEO, Mark Hanf. Here’s everything we covered on the show alongside our guest Ken:

0:00 Pent-Up Consumer Demand
1:20 Introducing Ken Winans
2:05 What History Tells Us About Economic Cycles
4:43 Real Estate Outperforming Other Asset Classes
5:53 Parallels Between Today’s Economy and ‘70s
7:41 Market Leaders Have Changed
14:45 “Deer In The Headlights” For Real Estate Investors
18:49 A Healthy Slowdown?
20:26 Getting News From Reputable Sources
23:38 Breaking Up Inflation Myths
25:58 FAANG Stocks Are Not Your Friends
30:01 Differences Between Housing Markets Struggling More
33:37 Struggles Ahead For Commercial Real Estate?
35:18 Patience Pays In This Market
36:40 Inside Knowledge: Going Into Debt When Real Estate Investing?
41:32 Alternative Loans Almost On Par With Traditional Mortgages
42:24 Insight Spotlight: Michelle Balog