Moving homes can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to sell your old house to get liquidity for the next purchase. But there’s an easy solution you probably don’t know about — a consumer bridge loan.

Bridge loans are short-term, meant to “bridge” the gap between buying and selling a home. The loan will give you funds to buy your next home BEFORE selling what you’re living in. With this extra time, you can also properly clean and stage your old house, which could increase its selling price too.

Even with the uncertain interest rate environment of today, you still may need to move homes — to upsize your family, get closer to a certain school, or another important reason. A bridge loan can make the entire moving process a whole lot easier, which we cover at length in our show.

The podcast is hosted by Chip Franklin and features our CEO, Mark Hanf. Joining us on episode three is 30-year real estate professional Cliff Freeman, who is based out of Texas. Here’s everything we covered on the show:

0:00 Real Estate Crash? No Indications
2:05 Introducing Cliff Freeman
2:42 Can’t Time The Market
3:58 Shifting Role Of Real Estate Agent
7:26 Consumer Tool To Move Homes Easier
11:24 Moving Motivation Matters
13:02 Certified Pre-Owned Homes Selling Higher
14:44 All Home Buyers Will Be Cash Buyers
16:13 Real Estate Is A People Business
17:13 When Will Interest Rates Come Down?
23:22 Inside Knowledge: Cost-Of-Moving Solution
29:07 Inside Spotlight: Patti Cohn
31:48 Preview Of Next Show