Bridge loans are the closest way to make a cash-like offer in real estate (without actually having the cash up-front). If the past two years in the real estate market taught us anything, it’s that cash-like deals are the most attractive to home sellers.

What is a bridge loan, you ask? It’s a short-term loan that’s perfect during a transition period (e.g. you’re selling your home and buying another). These loans give you an injection of cash, which can be put toward financing a new home purchase or paying off existing debt. In this podcast, we explain bridge loans, from their timing, interest payments, and major advantages when making real estate transactions.

The podcast is hosted by Chip Franklin and features our CEO, Mark Hanf. Joining us on the first-ever episode is GP Theriot, a mortgage expert based in the booming real estate market of Texas. Here are some highlights from our discussion:

0:49 Introducing Guest GP Theriot
4:20 Six-Month Real Estate Outlook
8:04 Biggest Misconceptions About Bridge Loans
9:45 Timing Of Bridge Loans
14:36 True Or False: Oversupply Of Homes?
16:30 Who Are Bridge Loans For?
19:55 The Most Important Thing To Landing A Property
20:50 Returning To The Market “Norm”
24:05 Closing Bridge Loans Timeline
26:22 Advantages To Buying Homes In Cash
29:40 Highlighting Sofia Nadjibi
31:09 Every Buyer Will Be A Cash Buyer In Five Years?