Testimonials - Pacific Private Money
Richard Earl Reese

Rehabber & Client

Mark Hanf and his Pacific Private money team are incredible. Mark is courteous and professional, his attention to detail and hands on approach translate into smooth and efficient transactions. Our business has become extremely successful and grown exponentially since we began doing business together. We have purchased, rehabbed and sold numerous properties together to our mutual benefit. It is a pleasure doing business with them all.


Hey Mark - I'm back in the country and just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks to you and your team for a job well done. It was smooth and most important, you made me look good in front of my client. I look forward to doing much more business in the future as the opportunity arises. Have a great weekend!
Brian King

Operations Manager for the Legacy Group

We rely on Mark Hanf and his Pacific Private Money team for many of our property purchases in Northern California. We do multiple deals each month, and some of those are in the Bay Area. If we need short-term financing we need it done right. Mark and his team do it right - fast, friendly, dependable, and professional!
K. Senderowicz

Real Estate Owner

Exactly by the date that Mark and Lisa projected, I received my funding. This was my first time having to resort to "hard" money, but had I the luck of contacting Mark and Lisa first, I would not have known why it was called "hard" money, so relatively easy and reasonable did they make it.

Unfortunately, the majority of companies I contacted prior to them strung me along and gave me misleading promises. In the end, after stalling and giving false hope, they could not deliver on their promises - either I would somehow suddenly not qualify, or, (probably speculating on the state of my need), the terms of the loan finally offered would end up being exorbitant.

So by the time I ran across Mark and Lisa, I was quite skeptical - especially since they were very personable and reasonable sounding while making their promises. I thought to myself, "Fat chance - nice and effective in this industry?!" Lo and behold though, in 2 weeks time they did come through with the funding for my exceptional case! Best of all, from the very beginning, they accurately told me what they could and could not do and when. Thanks a lot Mark and Lisa - with your no-nonsense approach and competence, and a great crew, you are a breath of fresh air!

Lance Clifford

Real Estate Investor

I have been working with Mark Hanf and the crew at Pacific Private Money Loans for a while now. The professionalism and speed Mark's team operates is second to none. Conventional lenders should take note from Mark as he gets deals closed without the stress or delays that typically happen with conventional loans. I am relocating out of state and will greatly miss working with Mark and the Pacific Private Money team!
Mihael Linck


Mark and his team were very helpful in putting my Fairfield, Ca. deal together. I will use them for future deals. They understand the need to move quickly.
Salvatore Romano, Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Hi Mark, I want to thak you and your staff for working diligently on behalf of Claudia and myself in educating us in investing in deeds of trust. Your staff has gone the extra mile, keeping us appraised of all the steps - whether they be who is the title company, escrow officer or appraisals Please keep us in mind for further opportunities as they come up.
Doug Clark

Mark has been helping me build my IRA securely over the last 3 years by investing in the fund and in private loans. He has always been available to answer questions. His office staff are very competent and they take care of the details to make this complex business quite easy for me. I will continue to invest with Pacific Private Money in confidence. My only regret is that I did not begin to invest sooner with Mark.
Scott Bonfiglio

Mortgage Investor

I really cannot say enough about Mark and his team who saved my client his very important transaction. My purchase loan with an institutional lender went sideways the day before we were scheduled to close. Mark had loan documents in title in 48 hours and we closed the following business day. My client thinks I am a hero but it was really Mark who saved the day.
Joel Levine


I've bought three notes from Mark this year. They are good clean deals and I will continue buying from Mark. I've been a note investor for almost 30 years.
Mike Hughes

Business Owner

Mark and the entire staff at Pacific Private Money Loans are awesome. They had to rush to get my deal done, and although it was a lot of work it was accomplished earlier than planned. I would contact them for future lending needs!!! We were able to fund the loan on time and the fees weren't excessive. They are fair, honest, and although lots of people say they are ethical in this business, PPML is truly just that.
Joe Armel

DDS & Real Estate Investor

Mark Hanf & his company are brilliant and so committed to client satisfaction! Our first contact resulted in a confirmed successful loan in approximately 5 hours! Since then we have placed two more loans with equal satisfaction! If you are an investor or a first time buyer, Mark Hanf & Pacific Private Money are a great world class choice!


We were very pleased with the loan we received from Pacific. The service from the staff, including Rick, Jordynn and Mirka was very good. They were always response and efficient. Our loan closed on time and within the agreed terms.
J Zimmer

Independent Financial Advisor

I was looking for a low risk investment to increase my return on my bank deposits. I discovered Mark Hanf and PPMl and drove to question them in their Novato office.. Mark sat down with me and my wife and explained everything regarding the investment. A month later Mark called us with a trust deed opportunity and we made the decision to go forward. We have received every interest payment on time as promised and recently the note paid us back in full. We are now on our next investment with Mark. He could not have made the entire the process any easer.

Property Owner

Five stars. Prompt "yes" and delivered as promised in very efficient, timely, and common sense manner.
Gregory R. Hansen


We had a loan which was impossible via conventional lending. Pacific Money got us the funds we requested and more. A fantastic team and I am now recommending them to my associates.. I will definitely work with them again in my future projects.
Tom Zundel

Pacific Money presents solid lending opportunities and processes transactions with detail and care. I've been impressed with every member of the team and highly recommend them.

Entertainment Professional

As an executive working in the entertainment business, I couldn't be more difficult to please, which is why I couldn't be happier recommending Pacific Private Money. They are an amazing group of well versed financial experts who understood my needs and stepped up to the plate throughout the refinancing process. Prompt, polite, knowledgeable and at all times professional, I was treated with the utmost respect and concern for my financial well being. I highly recommend Pacific Private Money to anyone looking to invest in a startup, refinance their home or seeking expansion capital. They are the best financial group I've ever had the pleasure of working with!!
Arlene Stark

We have invested in mortgages with Pacific Private Money and have found them professional, competent and reliable.
David Michalek

Individual Investor

PPM continues to do an excellent job. Their staff is professional and helpful. Most importantly they communicate clearly and effectively.

The team at Pacific Private Money are extremely knowledgeable and do their best to assist you. The customer service is stellar. Quality service and people, high intelligence, friendly and caring makes this group shoulders above the rest!


Pacific Private Money is as advertised they get the job done period. The staff is efficient, knowledgeable, and they have someone is place for every step of the way. They work together as a team which really speeds up the process. Nowadays conventional Banks are taking longer and longer for financing in additions to asking for every piece of documentation including your DNA. This is definitely the route to go for people looking for short term money with good pricing. From my 1st phone call just to inquire about a loan to approximately 35 days later money was in my account, and this was during the busiest time of year Christmas and New Year's. I'd defiantly use there services again in the future THANKS PACIFIC PRIVATE MONEY, INC.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Rick and Mike from Pacific Private Money. These two absolutely terrific guys helped us refinance our property and literally turned our lives around. The details are too complicated to explain, but suffice to say that Mike and Rick went above and beyond to help us find the best possible scenario for our refinancing and really took great care of us along the way. Not only were these two men incredibly professional, but showed tremendous heart when it came time to look at the reality of our situation and not just the numbers on the page.

Owner of Weller House Inn

I can highly recommend Pacific Private Money. They met my needs promptly, in spite of unusual details which had been too challenging for several other hard money lending companies. All the members of the staff who worked to bring my loan about were courteous, professional, and easy to deal with. As a team, they managed the loan process so it was seamless and streamlined. I will be very happy to work with them in the future, as they seem versatile and able to match special needs with suitable investors.
Sky Pace

CEO of Brix Beverage

Using Pacific Private Funding to complete a 2nd on my home was not only one of the easiest things I have ever experienced in the lending arena, but the fastest as well. The team at Pacific Private money communicated with me every step of the way and made the entire experience hassle free. They have streamlined their processes to insure you get what you want, and when you want it-- right down to having a notary ready on my time, unlike many other experiences.

New Home Owner

Pacific Private Money saved me. I was in contract to buy a house and a week before Close of escrow our loan was declined. I called Pacific Private Money and they looked at the scenario. Within 24 hours of submitting my documents and application they approved the loan and we were able to close on time.i am so happy to have my house as prices keep rising, and inventory is very limited.
Arthur H. Sutter

Retired CEO

I have done business with Pacific Mortgage for almost 5 years. Before my retirement I was CEO of two companies which did business in Mortgage Loans and Real Estate. The investments are excellent and the staff are very professional. Mark Huff is always available to discuss issues. I recommend this company to both family and friends.
Mary Marcina


A trusted friend recently recommended Pacific Private Investments. From my initial contact until completion of my first loan funding, I felt in the caring hands of a thoroughly competent team. Thank you for this opportunity!
Kathleen Bowman


My whole transaction with Pacific Private Money was very professional and extremely easy!!! They followed through exactly with the quotes I first received. In my opinion, this makes them top-knotch. No switching numbers at the last minute. Just a quick application and that was it. Thank you Pacific Money for making it possible!
Russell Roesner

Broker and Borrower

Mark is one of the good guys in the private lending business. He is intelligent, hard working, reliable, and most important, honest as well. I would recommend doing business with Pacific Private Money and Mark Hanf without hesitation. Case and point........I went to Mark's office on a Friday for a loan and received the funds at the pricing and terms he promised the following Wednesday! Thanks Mark!
Eric Andrewsen


After retiring from the buy-remodel-sell real estate business, it was only natural for me to go into the business of lending to people in the same line of work, as well as people who just need loans. Pacific Private Money has been very helpful in finding numerous lending opportunities for me since 2011. PPM has also been helpful in answering numerous questions and providing general navigation through the lending process. Since they service most of the loans, the process is as simple as receiving an email statement and a mailed check each month. I've never had a problem getting paid on time. Thanks for finding all those great deals for me!
James Clifford

President of Beach Street Builders, Inc.

Pacific Private Money did an outstanding job with our transaction, they were timely, came through on their commitment, very attentive and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quick transaction turn around.
David Hidalgo-Foster


Very experienced and resourceful Lender. Fast response time help us close deals and excel in our industry. I highly recommend contacting PPM, they funded one of my rehab projects in few days from submission to funding. Is a value added lending partner that I will use again on future rehabs.