Road-less-traveled1Sometimes, taking the road less traveled can truly make a difference, especially when it comes to investing for retirement.  You might ask yourself, “should I continue to invest in stocks and mutual funds in this uncertain market, or are there alternatives that can help me to better achieve my goals?”

Despite unimpressive overall stock market returns over the last ten years, stock market advice abounds.  When was the last time you heard a financial guru talk about alternative investment strategies for income or asset growth? I listen to a lot of talk radio, and I rarely hear mention of investing in real estate trust deeds and mortgages, yet these remain among the most powerful tools for securing high monthly income and double-digit yields.

Today I heard a nationally-syndicated talk show host tell a 40-year old listener that he should have 60% of his savings in the stock market.  Really? To me, that seems to be good advice only if you plan to retire broke or die early.  In my opinion, investing in securities is playing Russian roulette with your savings.   Why would you do that?

Investing in a note secured by a deed of trust offers better security and true transparency, neither of which you’ll find in stocks.  Are there risks? Of course!  But those risks are manageable and quantifiable.  Investigate for yourself the opportunities to earn anywhere from 8% to 12% annual fixed yields on your savings.  Whether you invest through me or through any number of local, trustworthy private loan originators, you owe it to yourself to learn the facts.

Author: Mark Hanf

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Mark is Founder, President, and CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Pacific Private Money Group of companies. Pacific Private Money Inc., the flagship company, is an alternative real estate mortgage lender founded in 2008 to provide consumers and real estate investors access to fast, reliable, and convenient capital.