Pacifprivate-money-real-estate-investingic Private Money recently launched a Mortgage Pool Fund.  This fund offers unique benefits to investors that they won’t see when investing in individual notes.  Rules prevent us from quoting projected returns, but we can assure you that the returns will most likely be higher than many of your current investments.  On the other hand, we can share with you the five essential benefits that you can expect to receive when investing in our fund.

First and foremost, your money will be working full time for you. Most individual notes today are short term and pay off within 4-8 months. Every time they pay off, your money sits earning nothing while you wait for the next opportunity.

Second, your risk is spread among multiple real estate secured loans. The fact that your risk is dispersed among a wide range of real estate secured transactions, verses an individual note, offers you added protection and security on your investment.

Third, the fund offers you the freedom to add money at any time.  You no longer have to wait for the right investment opportunity, but rather, you can simply increase your investment in the fund whenever you like.

The fourth advantage is that the fund saves you time.  There is no need for you to spend time investigating investment opportunities that could potentially go to someone else in the long run.  Pacific Private Money takes care of the entire underwriting process and targets the optimum real estate transactions for the fund to invest in.

Lastly, on an annual basis, you are much more likely to make a better return on your investment in the fund, then on short term loans that pay off quickly.

If you would like more information on how an investment in a mortgage pool fund might benefit you, please contact us directly.

Author: Mark Hanf

CA. DRE # 01811186 | NMLS No. 331091

Mark is Founder, President, and CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Pacific Private Money Group of companies. Pacific Private Money Inc., the flagship company, is an alternative real estate mortgage lender founded in 2008 to provide consumers and real estate investors access to fast, reliable, and convenient capital.