Outperforming the Major Indices

Pacific Money Fund - Annual Compounded Yields Through 2016

*Compounded yields. Distributed yields are lower.

Past performance is not a promise of future results. Rates of return may and will vary. See Offering for details.

Investment Statements

As a leading private lender in California, Pacific Private Money continually receives significant loan applications, choosing the most conservative applicants for our fund. Loans that are not a fit for the fund are placed with our network of hundreds of trust deed investors. All loans are thoroughly underwritten to mitigate any loan losses.


Loans Funded


Loans Paid Off


Loan Losses

Investment Funds

Pacific Private Money’s non-levered, low loan to value and diversified fund provides investors with solid returns coupled with very reasonable and appropriate risk.

Pacific Money Fund Characteristics

Target Return 8%
Diversification 70 loans
Avg Loan to Value 55% weighted avg
Avg Loan Maturity 20 months
Leverage 0

Sample Investments

Pacific Private Money funds on average 20- 30 loans per month. Below are a few of our recently funded loans.

LTV 61%
Term 24 months
Location Novato, CA
LTV 61%
Term 24 months
Location Danville, CA
LTV 62%
Term 6 months
Location Petaluma, CA