“Most Americans are simply not prepared to fund twenty years of retirement.”  That’s a direct quote from Tom Anderson, founder and president of PENSCO Trust, one of the nations leading self-directed IRA custodians.

And this was before the recent meltdown in the stock market.

Many, if not most, are not on track to retire successfully.  Through their savings and retirement plans, they are not earning sufficiently high yields on a consistent basis that will allow them to afford the retirement lifestyle they desire.

Traditional investments have been delivering inconsistent and inadequate yields, frustrating the average investor seeking reliable growth.  Financial planners are often unaware or unwilling to recommend “non-traditional” investments to their clients, despite the fact that high, consistent yields can be achieved safely and securely.

Real estate-secured Deeds of Trust and Mortgage Pools have been helping investors achieve consistently high rates of return, typically between 9-13% annually.

With the downturn in the real estate market, the volatility in the securities markets and the uncertainty in the financial and mortgage markets, many investors find themselves ill-equipped to properly analyze the many opportunities to achieve higher rates of savings growth. They are not alone.

Today, everyone needs to take charge of their retirement plans in order that they may grow their savings more effectively and thus allow them to retire comfortably.  Real estate-secured financial investments can be the best way to achieve that goal.

We help people stay on track to retire wealthy. Through our years of real estate investment experience and our background in finance, accounting and mortgage origination we bring a unique competence to our program of real estate-secured investments.   To help you better understand what we can do to supercharge your savings and retirement plans, we offer complimentary consultation to learn your goals, experience and risk tolerance.   Then we can show you how we can help you to participate in what many financial writers have called the “best kept investment secret” – high-yield notes secured by Deeds of Trust.

Author: Mark Hanf

CA. DRE # 01811186 | NMLS No. 331091

Mark is Founder, President, and CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Pacific Private Money Group of companies. Pacific Private Money Inc., the flagship company, is an alternative real estate mortgage lender founded in 2008 to provide consumers and real estate investors access to fast, reliable, and convenient capital.