It only takes one.

It only takes one key connection to change your business forever. It only takes one book or article to inspire you to do things you never imagined.

I’ve built my business success thus far as a result of an unfailing belief in the power of serendipity.  One of my favorite quotes in business is from real estate entrepreneur Robert Helms who said, “You are just one relationship away from an explosion in your business”.  What it means to me is that you never know who you might meet, and where that relationship might take you.

I have observed that growth in my business has been experienced through a series of mini explosions as a result of consistent networking.  I have learned over time that my goal at any event is not to hand out my card to a hundred people but to make just one key connection before I leave. Key connections result in new opportunities that take you places unexpected.  I’ve also learned that effective networking involves honing skills such as small talk, good listening and showing a genuine interest in people when you are in front for them.  These are things I got better and better at through simple practice, and not through some trickery or neuro-linguistic programming.

A key point to keep in mind is that, while no single conversation is guaranteed to change your life, any single conversation CAN.  The conversation is the relationship. And the result of a consistent series of effective conversations is explosive growth in your business.

So attend those networking events. Make a point to walk up and speak to people. Don’t obsess over how many cards you hand out. Just remember – it only takes one…

Author: Mark Hanf

CA. DRE # 01811186 | NMLS No. 331091

Mark is Founder, President, and CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Pacific Private Money Group of companies. Pacific Private Money Inc., the flagship company, is an alternative real estate mortgage lender founded in 2008 to provide consumers and real estate investors access to fast, reliable, and convenient capital.