Family of Funds

Pacific Private Money recognizes that there exists a wealth of investment options to choose from. For investors looking for alternatives to the volatility of the stock market or the modest growth of traditional retirement investments such as an IRA, we offer four distinct, secure, high-yield investment opportunities depending on your desired level of involvement.

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Pacific Freedom
Pacific Private
Money Fund
North Star
Capital Fund
Pacific Southwest
Note Fund
Financial Strategy Short-term
mortgages for resale
Traditional hard
money loans
construction loans
Discounted seller
carry-back notes
Financial Objective 6% 7%-8% 10%-12% 7.5%
Preferred Return 6.0% Fixed 7.0% 8.0% 7.5% Fixed
Minimum Investment $250,000 $50,000 $100,000 $50,000
Lockup Period Not Enforced 12 months 12 months 12 months
Liquidation Terms 30 Day Notice 30 Day Notice 30 Day Notice 30 Day Notice
Distribution Schedule Monthly Monthly Quarterly Monthly
Use of Leverage No No Up to 33% Optional, to 25%
Assets Under Management $20M $62M $16M $3M
Fund Launch Date May 2020 June 2013 July 2020 August 2020
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Interested In Whole or Fractional Notes?

Invest in all or a portion of a single real estate secured loan. Also known as Trust Deed investing, these loans typically pay from 8% to 10% depending on LTV and priority position.



Track Record


Loans Funded


Loans Paid Off


Loan Losses


Deployed Since 2008


Loan Default Rate


Average Annual Yields Paid to Investors

Pacific Private Money funds, on average, 20-30 loans per month. Below are a few of our recently funded loans.


Fix & Flip

Term12 months
LocationOakland Hills, CA
Lien Position1st



Term18 months
LocationOakland, CA
Lien Position1st


Non-Owner Occupied, Rehab

Term11 months
LocationPittsburgh, CA
Lien Position2nd

What Our Investors are Saying

Sky Pace

CEO of Brix Beverage

Using Pacific Private Funding to complete a 2nd on my home was not only one of the easiest things I have ever experienced in the lending arena, but the fastest as well. The ..."

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Entertainment Professional

As an executive working in the entertainment business, I couldn't be more difficult to please, which is why I couldn't be happier recommending Pacific Private Money. They are ..."

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Tom Z.

Pacific Money presents solid lending opportunities and processes transactions with detail and care. I've been impressed with every member of the team and highly recommend ..."

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Owner of Weller House Inn

I can highly recommend Pacific Private Money. They met my needs promptly, in spite of unusual details which had been too challenging for several other hard money lending ..."

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Russell Roesner

Broker and Borrower

Mark is one of the good guys in the private lending business. He is intelligent, hard working, reliable, and most important, honest as well. I would recommend doing business ..."

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