What We Do

Pacific Private Money provides funding for consumers and real estate investors throughout California. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, the team at Pacific is known for its commitment to fast, no nonsense and reliable service.

Pacific is an active member of both the California Mortgage Association and the American Association of Private Lenders. Both organizations exist to promote education and excellence in the private lending industry.


Pacific Private Money was founded in 2008 by Mark Hanf, a real estate investor with over 25 years experience in residential and commercial real estate investment. Today, with over a dozen agents and employees, Pacific has grown to be one of the most respected and reliable sources of private financing in California. A review of client testimonials show that Pacific can be relied upon for its speed, reliability of timing, and price integrity.  Pacific has a well-earned reputation for always closing, always on time, and never changing its pricing mid-stream.

The Pacific family of companies includes the Pacific Private Money Fund (www.PacificMoneyFund.com) a conservative mortgage pool investment strategy paying 8%+ annual yields to its shareholders.

Pacific Private Money Inc. operates under the following lender licenses:

  • California Real Estate Broker, license no.1897444
  • California Finance Lender, license no. 6054605
  • Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS license no. 945582